Why I stopped using Chrome, Gmail, Facebook and others

Why I stopped using Chrome, Gmail, Facebook and others

First of all probably everybody knows why I stopped using them, because they are same reasons as everyone.


  • uses a lot of RAM
  • sends all information to Google servers
  • its changing too fast, hard to adopt all new features
  • privacy is not main concept, not even speed. Just security
  • Incognito modu bile yeterince incognite değil

Gmail & Google

  • I think what I should never forget is that Google is not a non-profit organisation, Google uses ads to earn money and they do it very well.
  • You think what do I have to hide, but please don’t. Big companies like Facebook and Google know exactly
    • what time you wake up and you sleep
    • where you live
    • where you work
    • what you do for living
    • your friends
    • your family
    • and your every move
  • After a bad GDrive divorce I can not work with Gmail anymore. I have adBlocker so I don’t see any ads but that doesn’t mean Google doesn’t have any info about me. In https://adssettings.google.com/authenticated?hl=en-GB I can see my personal interest that even I am not aware of.
  • I don’t want to see an ad about a thing that I searched an hour ago in a game I am playing now.
Why I stopped using Chrome, Gmail, Facebook and others

Facebook and others

  • You can never be sure if you delete a file from your account that file is deleted from Facebook servers
  • Whatever you upload to Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp are saved to Facebook servers, which you have no control over. Even if you set the privacy settings to maximum you can never be sure if an employee or a hacker can open and see them
  • I used Boxcryptor and Cryptomator for my photos for a very long time. Because I don’t want any of my pictures to be found in the Internet. Thanks to me you can only find one of my pictures in search engines.
  • Gives fake stats to companies to earn more money
  • Conducts experiments on unwitting users
  • Tracks your every movement in web even if your are not in facebook.com
  • Privacy settings are not private enough and they are not easy to find
  • It was a way to connect to people once but now it is something else
  • Facebook knows your political stand, when you are in love and who you are in love with, so be careful

Final Words

Now I am using Brave Browser, DuckDuckGo, ProtonMail, Sync, Mega and NextCloud and I am proud of using them.