Why I stopped using Dropbox, GDrive and others

Why I stopped using Dropbox, GDrive and others


Why I stopped using Dropbox, GDrive and others

This one was a hard choice. I was using Dropbox for about 10 years. And I loved it for years.

  • As you know Dropbox desktop app is wonderful and fast. They have file versions and a very good selective sync setting.
  • It is not secure and 100% percent sure about this. I have also strong doubts that there is an admin app in the goverments that can see every document if you just enter an email. Forget about the hacks and passwords reveals in the past.
  • Dropbox says if you have more than 500.000 files sync will be slow, etc.. I’ve been using PCs for more than 20 years now and I have a very large archive: Pictures, videos, projects, books , documents, apps, games, games saved files. I don’t want to use another app like TrueCrypt
  • Their features are growing as their price but I don’t want to use most of the new features like Paper.

Google Drive

This one is easy. I’ve just used GDrive for a few months then I cancelled my account but still got an headache for a few weeks.

  • Its Windows app is useless. I have to wait hours for these:
    • to get folder list in selective sync page
    • app to start and check file list
  • You can not delete folders from GDrive bin easily. You have to wait a lot till server finds some files deleted. It took me a week after disabled my subscription to remove all my files from bin. even then there were lots of files in drive storage that I have to search Internet to look for a way to delete all files in GDrive.
  • Real reason I canceled Gdrive is Gmail. When my subscription ended, Dropbox still let me use my files, but Google warns me in GMail that I will not get any emails soon. That was my mark to change Gmail to protonmail: Secure Email Based in Switzerland


I really don’t like Microsoft Apps that much. It is too much integrated with Windows and very hard to uninstall. Microsoft is very friendly to governments so be careful what you put in cloud.


pCloud says they are the best secure encrypted cloud storage and gives lifetime storage for a good price. However when you use normal account your files don’t get encrypted as they advertise. To get full encryption you have to get monthly subscription to pCloud Crypto.

Mega Selective Sync

Mega Selective Sync


Mega encrypts files as they advertise. I liked its web design. I liked their desktop app. Its fast, secure and works as expected. However they have missing a big feature: Selective Sync. You cannot select folders or sub-folders from your drive and sync only selected. You have to add separate sync setting for each folder you want. At least Mega has file versioning and easy folder deletion.


Degoo Cloud has 100GB free storage and their prices are cheap. However they don’t have a desktop app, so you cannot sync file or folders. You have to upload them manually every time. Probably that’s the reason they are cheap, most people can’t upload large files.

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram

When you upload a file to these apps your photos are uploaded to servers which are in America. Doesn’t matter what your privacy settings are, your photos are in someone else’s computer. They can do whatever they want and probably they are doing everything they can. I know for sure they have the best facial recognition app, which they have created and tested with your photos.